4D Lottery in Malaysia
[ 05-09-2020 ]

4D Lottery in Malaysia

4D Lottery in Malaysia

Do you know the history behind 4D game in Malaysia? A young boy from the Northern end of the peninsula sold tickets for a raffle on his bicycle and the rest, as they say, is history.

Regardless of the truth behind this, 4D has over time become a part of the culture in Malaysia and Singapore. With companies like Sports Toto, Magnum, DaMaCai and Pan Malaysia Pools found all over Malaysia and Singapore It would be difficult to find a local Malaysian, or even a resident foreigner, who has not tried their hand at this perennial favourite. Frequent bettors have created intricate systems attempting to turn the odds in their favour. With so many different belief systems, superstitions and folklore involved, just the process of choosing numbers can take on a life of its own. Some people dream numbers. Others interpret dreams divulging possible lucky numbers or patterns. Also, how often have you seen traffic build up around accidents, just so people can record registration numbers that are considered lucky. Gambling has always been primarily an emotional experience. Human beings have evolved to take risks in all areas of life. While we do not fight for our lives in arenas anymore, gambling offers the chance to experience risk while offering the once in a lifetime chance of a big strike.

In keeping with our reputation for being a top Malaysia online casino, we believe that all aspects of GDWON333 should be an enjoyable experience for our members. Our 4D offering is no different. From the moment you visit the 4D section of our site you will be faced with a well laid out, easy to use format that will only enhance your experience. The section has all the popular games available in Malaysia, colour coded to enhance your experience. Placing a bet is a seamless experience with our betting page clearly tabling which games are on offer on the given dates. From here a player has wide choice of different options available. With our bilingual instructions, we ensure that you can easily and quickly pick up your chosen numbers.

Among the games on offer we have, Magnum, Damacai, Sports Toto and you can even bet with Singapore Pools, Sandakan and Sarawak.

Most beginners and casual gamblers go in for the standard 4D. This is the easiest choice where a row of four numbers is chosen and the player decides how much to put on. While there are the usual top 3 winning combinations, 4D also allows for special and consolation numbers to be drawn on a “big” bet, thereby allowing for far more players to go away with some kind of winnings.

Magnum offers the standard 4D. Being the first operator to be licensed by the Malaysian government, it has built up a loyal following over many years. As betting is largely an emotional affair, many people tend to go with what they are used to and Magnum is one such company that has built up and maintained it’s growing base of customers over the years.

Damacai is also a popular and equally trusted option. Here you get the standard 4D game – known as 1+3D - as well as other unique variations. These are 3D and 3+3D. This company is favoured in Malaysia due to their commitment to funding education and community programs as a product of the gambling business.

Sports Toto, aside from the standard 4D, also run 5D and 6D games. As the name suggests you are choosing 5 or 6 numbers. There is no option for “big” or “small” bets here.

Singapore Pools runs the standard 4D game and offers clients the chance to try their luck on foreign soil.

All this would mean nothing without an effortless payment and payout system. Online casinos simply cannot afford down time and this is especially so regarding the funds deposit and payout systems. We also have a 24/7 customer support who our members can always rely on to help. Being among the top online casino Malaysia, we are always working to make sure this is the case. GDWON333 also consistently ranks among the highest payouts on 4D games among all Malaysia online casino.

As with all our offerings we encourage our clients to pay careful consideration to their gaming habits. 4D is an incredibly easy way to gamble. Requiring no real “training”, anybody can decide to jump in and clients should always make sure they play within their means while still enjoying the experience.