6 Tips to Win Big on Football Bets in 2020
[ 06-06-2020 ]

6 Tips to Win Big on Football Bets in 2020

Tired of losing money at the online casinos while making bets on football? Use these 6 tips to win football bets right now in 2020!! 

The popularity of football betting
As you may know, betting on sport iincredibly popular in Asia. In fact, in Malaysia alone, gamblers bet an average of RM300 on sports every second.When put like this, it’s a crazy figure that just goes to show its popularity. What’s more, this amount continues to rise as more individuals open bookmaker accounts and place bets on digital platforms.

Football betting strategy – You won’t always win

Before we get into our essential tips to win at football betting, the following is something you should always keep in mind:

"Only bet with money you can afford to lose"

6 football betting tips 

  1. 1. Keep a betting record - we’re going to check out is keeping a record. As with anything in betting, keeping a clear record of what bets you’ve got on amongst other things is vital if you want to start winning more regularly.
  2. 2.Change bookmakers - choose bookmakers carefully.  There are so many sites you can choose from when it comes to football bookmakers. In fact, there are currently over 100 online betting websites, but always choose the most trusted website and the one that give you extra bonus.
  3. 3. Stay impartial - remain impartial when it comes to your football bets. The old adage of sports betting comes to mind – ‘don’t bet with your heart’. Stay in control and bet with your analytical brain. Don’t place bets based on your emotion. 
  4. 4. Know football inside out - Another one of our top football betting tips is to know the sport inside out. You need to know every detail about the team you’re betting on as well as their opponent.
  5. 5. Know your markets -  You’ll know about the most common markets like Win/Draw/Win, but did you know you can bet on the number of goals scored in a match or even for your team to win both halves etc.

    It’s these kinds of football markets which usually offer more profitable odds and ultimately better value for you, the punter.

  6. 6. Take the small wins -  As the well-known saying goes ‘every little helps’ and the same applies to betting on football.

    Don’t let small wins discourage you. In fact, you should be pleased that your football betting strategy is working. A win is a win and it’s money in your pocket rather than the bookies.

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