[ 28-04-2020 ]

ACE333 Circus Arcade Game

Do you know that besides the slot games platforms on our website, we do have other mobile slots including 918KISS, MEGA888, JOKER GAMING, GREATWALL99 and also ACE333!

Today we are going to talk about ACE333's circus arcade games and how to play it.

The rules of circus are easy to understand. This game starts from choosing which is your favourite colour and animal, and then place your bet on the which colour and which animal you want. If you want to increase your chips, just click on the bet that you selected. Then chip will be raised on the column that you have selected. 

Winning at Circus 

After you place your bet, you need to press "start game". Then it will turn few rounds through all the different colours of animals. The area of animals that lights up is the winning bets. 

For example, if shows the animal is lion then winning bets will light up on the bet area. 

Each animal has different payout odds. They will printed clearly on the screen of the animal area. The lower payout is 1 to 2. The highest payout is 168 to 1 for the specific animal. 

It is very simply to understand to to play. Have you downloaded any mobile slot games before? Feel free to contact our customer service for the download link! Also, there is welcome bonus for each mobile slot! 
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