Casino Bets that are considered as “Worst Bets”
[ 23-07-2019 ]

Casino Bets that are considered as “Worst Bets”

Online casino players are often searching for different articles to find tips on how to win more money. Therefore, once they are educated, they can improve their skills as well as strategies. One of the strategies that players should be concerned about is to avoid games with low payout rate. By avoiding these sucker bets, casino players can extend their gambling and have more chances of winning.

Firstly, players should avoid betting on tie bet when they are playing baccarat. Even though the payback rate may be quite attractive, the odds of winning is too low as it has house edge of 14%. As a result, players often stick with banker or player bet no matter how appealing the tie bet payout is.

Three Card Poker is regarded as one of the worst games. Regardless of its popularity and relative high payout, online casino players have to place two bets when they play this game. Hence, the house gain advantage over players around 5%. For example, ante bet in Three Card Poker has 4% house edge and the pairs plus wager brings house edge to 7.28%. From these figure, we know that Three Card Poker is not the best choice for betting.

On the other hand, lottery game is another worst bet at online casino although it is pretty simple. This is because it has 25% house edge and casino players should be aware of this game. Like most lottery style games, players tend to spend more than they can win in most situations and they should avoid whenever possible.

After understanding these worst bets, you all should choose wisely on what games to play. Good luck! Grab your welcome bonus now and try wth us at GDWON333

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