SCR888 Highway Kings Slot: Winning Tips
[ 03-10-2017 ]

SCR888 Highway Kings Slot: Winning Tips

Highway King Slot by SCR888 is one of the TOP Slot game in Malaysia & Singapore. With the attractive graphics, background music and excitement of gameplay.

The Highway Kings is the most famous classic slot game that comes in 9 paylines and 5 reels. Having considerably fewer paylines than other slot game, casino players may only spend little money to hit the generous jackpot which can go up to 5,000 coins. In this slot game, you may only bet with one coin per line. The payout that you will get through this slot game is far more rewarding than your wager.

Besides that, casino players would also need to take note that Highway Kings is a slot game which the payout is paid according to the winning combinations. In order to get a payout, casino players must at least get 3 symbols in a combination from left to right on any reel. There are various types of symbols that will provide you with the great payout. Some of the most common symbols that you may find in this slot game would include the truck, dice, gas tank, wheel, tire, and piston. By having these symbols in your winning combination, casino players will get their payout accordingly.

Test Different Strategy

Besides that, in order for the casino players to play the Highway King and win lots of money, they would have to change their mindset. This would mean that not all chances of winning or losing the Highway King slot would be the same. Therefore, casino players would need to test out different strategy whenever they finish a single round. By testing out your strategy in the beginning of the round, the casino player should keep on betting with the minimum amount during their practice round.

Set a Betting Budget

Next point to take note is that casino players should not lose over the amount that they have set at the beginning. Whenever you have lost more than your preset budget for betting, stop immediately and leave the online casino. Never try to get back the amount that you have lost. There will always be another day where you can try your luck at winning the jackpot.

Set a Loss Limit

It is also important that casino player set a loss limit while playing the Highway Kings slot. By following this tip, casino player will have a huge sum of money while betting on an online slot game. By having a stop limit while betting, casino players can better manage their fund to place on their bet. While fund management is another form of strategy to win in the game of betting, those who manage their wager well will often reap the most benefits from their bets.


The online slot game industry has grown leaps and bound. There are some other games such as the Great Blue and Dolphin Reef where will be comparable in giving out big rewards such as the Highway Kings slot. Do keep in mind the tips above and you may start to play the best Highway Kings slot game now.

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