SCR888-Wukong Slot Game
[ 26-07-2017 ]

SCR888-Wukong Slot Game

WUKONG SLOT IS A BRANDED Slot Game in Malaysia and Asia WUKONG- one of the most played online slot games in Malaysia.

Some illegal internet cafes even use the character “Wukong” as a symbol or logo for their retail businesses. Why don’t they put other slot game characters like those in Highway Kings or the Dolphin in Great Blue?

This is because Wukong is really popular in Malaysia and often easily recognized by everyone. Being one of the leading multiplayer slot games in the local market. As such, Wukong itself is viewed as a branded slot game that represents premium quality. Nowadays, most of the slot game products would choose to offer this game under their platforms to attract more slot game players.


Since many products are offering this game, how does a player choose the best avenue to play Wukong? Let us look at some of the popular slot game products. SCR888 should be the first product that would probably cross your mind. Almost everyone is playing the SCR888 game now. Remember when its game server was down for a couple of weeks recently? Most of the players would rather wait for its server to resume than switching to other slot game products. I think there is no need for me to explain how success SCR888 is. It also offers Wukong under its mobile slot game series. From what I have observed, SCR888’s slot game graphic is a bit less superior compared to other products.

It never really spends much into game graphic maintenance. Some players are actually attracted by Wukong’s high resolution (HD) as well as dynamic animation. Thus, I would suggest you play SCR888 if you are seeking for the best visual effects SCR888, tend to have much better quality in terms of game graphic design. Every single detail is well designed to suit all players’ betting preferences. From navigation pane to slot game engine, you can hardly find any flaw. Besides, it's winning payout is pretty much convincing. TIPS: HOW TO WIN BIG FROM WUKONG? This question is often asked but there is no answer to it.


From my experience, this tip might help a little. First, you would have to observe the first result. The following results often are either the same color or the same character like “Wukong”, “Niu Mo Wang” or “Hong Hai Er”. This tip might and might not work because this slot game is basically all by luck!

So…. After tried SCR888 Wukong, you may try out Wukong provided by ACE333 and Leocity88 Good luck! All the best! If you’re fans of Wukong, don’t hesitate!

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