SCR888 Hari Raya AngPao!
[ 19-07-2017 ]

SCR888 Hari Raya AngPao!

To celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2017, SCR888 offered a special promotion to get randomly AngPao!

How to get this Hari Raya special AngPao?

Just simply follow the steps as below: Log in to http://gdwon2.com/en/index for register or contact to our 24 hours customer service representative. (WeChat: GDWON333 / GDBET333) (WhatsApp: +63-9491 3609 67)

For new register player, GDWON333 offered there are 20% welcome bonus too. After you register and get your personal ID and password.

Log in with your personal ID and password, and start to enjoy the exciting gaming and get the randomly Hari Raya special AngPao!

Register and top up for more bonus today! ONLY IN GDWON333!!!When you are the lucky one and get the randomly Hari Raya special AngPao! Please screenshot to customer service representative and get EXTRA BONUS RM8*.

Other than Hari Raya AngPao, GDWON33 also offer daily top up bonus 3%. One of the reasons why players love this online casino so much is because of its convincing winning payout.

There are many forms of winning pay-out that you can get from SCR888. This would include the Progressive Jackpots, Major Jackpots, Minor Jackpots, and also Random AngPao.

The Random AngPao is another highlighted reward offered only by SCR888 to all its players. The free AngPao is completely distributed based on random algorithms. With the launch of this bonus, many casino players have been surprised by this amazing bonus. Apart from that, there are also unlimited free bonus games waiting for you to grab away. Again, you would only stand a chance to capture all these winning opportunities by playing SCR888 slot games!

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