Slot machines - an option not to be missed for gaming enthusiasts
[ 28-10-2016 ]

Slot machines - an option not to be missed for gaming enthusiasts

If you wonder about which is the best kind in gambling world, the answer which you can get is probably slot machines. Slot machines are the most interesting games in random world and these machines from more than a hundred years ago has not ever hot, even though there are hundreds of forms of gambling. And in all aspects, slot machines always attract the attention of gaming enthusiasts and occupy an important position in the terrestrial casinos.

Talking about the first slot machines in the world, there are two important slot machines you need to know.

The first, Liberty Bell slot machine

Liberty Bell is considered as the first slot machine in betting world. This slot machine is the greatest invention of Charles Fey in San Francisco, 120 years ago. At that time, this slot had an automatic payout mechanism, three reels instead of five and five symbols instead of fifty. Five symbols of Liberty Bell were horseshoe, diamonds, spades, hearts and Liberty Bell. On the other hand, this slot machine did not require an attendant, so therefore it used widely. At that time, you could find Liberty Bell in some places as restaurants, bar and it was loved right from the first time appearing.

The second, Poker Slot Machines

Besides Liberty Bell of Charles Fey, There are some suggestions that the first slot machine was created in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt from Brooklyn, NY city. And it was named Poker Slot Machine. Poker Slot Machine was a simple mechanical device with 5 drums and 50 poker cards. To activate Poker Slot Machine, player had to put a coin into a slot and pull a lever. The drums rotated and stopped suddenly and randomly displaying a five card poker hand. Different from Liberty Bell, in Poker Slot Machine, the payouts were not automatic. However, at that time, it was an interesting slot machine which attracted the attentions of many people.

Online slot machines today

Today, along with the exploration of the internet, technology and information, besides real slot machines which if you want to play, you need to find real machines placed in restaurants, bar, hotels or land based casinos, there are a lot of online slot machines for you to select and play at home. It means, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to get them in in specific addresses like before, all you need to do is to prepare a computer, smartphone or laptop, access sites which offer online slot machine and join in no limit right on your mobile devices with the internet connection.

Online slot machines of GDWON333

Because online slot machines are becoming a hot gambling trend in gambling world, so everyday, there are more and more sites offering them. However, because of benefits, not all of them are good. So if this is the first time you play online slot machines, you are advised that should start with GDWON333– a reputable site of Malaysia online casino.

So, let’s start discovering interesting slot machines right now! I hope you will have good times.