Quids in! Are you interested in Poker right now?
[ 18-10-2016 ]

Quids in! Are you interested in Poker right now?

Background about Poker

Do you have a desire for poker and enjoy a game or two? Are you keen on spending your story to help raise funds? Prostate Cancer Malaysia is discovering the development of a new fundraising activity which involves participants getting together for a night in and playing poker for fun, with a portion of the winnings coming to us to support beat prostate cancer. We are searching for people to get involved in some communications work to support us promote the product widely while sharing their own personal experience of prostate cancer to support illustrate the need for more funds. Does this sound like you?

How you can help with the Poker Malaysia?

We are searching for people who have an interest in poker and personal experience of prostate cancer to take part in photo shoots, short films aswell as media interviews over the next few months. This would be to support us develop marketing materials and generate media coverage soasto drive sign ups of people to run poker games across the country at the end of September to have fun and raise funds to support beat prostate cancer.

What you will get from volunteering from Poker

You will have the chance to use your personal experience of prostate cancer and passion for poker to support shape and influence one of Prostate Cancer Malaysia’s major initiatives, and help boost crucial funds to help beat prostate cancer. There probably also be the possibility of meeting some Malaysia Poker Professionals! Taking part in communications work is oftentime a lot of fun and a chance to meet like minded people and share experiences as well.

Are You a Poker Lover?

Betting compulsion is a serious subject. I have seen players ruin their lives with compulsive, addicted poker play. During my recent adventure to Kuala Lumpur for the World Series of Poker I sat with a player at the Malaysia who played terribly, in two hours lost approximately $1,200 (none of it to me, unfortunately) in a $1/2 no limitation hold’em game, and seemed miserable whilts doing it. There is nothing funny about such a self destructive addiction. As you think you maybe actually be a compulsive bettor, please mention to my immediately prior column – Bettors Anonymous.

Otherwise, I find that it is available to be obsessed with poker without that obsession rising to the level of a disease or something harmful. With that in mind, here is my list of the top ten signs that your poker game probably be taking over your life. Lest you get too depressed from the observations, you will see from my comments that there is something positive about each of these experiences.

You go to a bank and ask the teller to “color up” your five $20 bills into a $100. Mistaking a bank teller for a casino cashier is a sign of a serious obsession. However, on the other hand, you absolutely have five $20s, meaning you are not flat broke. This incident shows that you’re smart enough to do simple arithmetic as well.

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