[ 05-03-2016 ]

Highway Kings slot game review

Highway Kings slot – A super shiny and simplistic game

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We like to come across a slot that’s taken a fresh access to its design and come up with a completely unique theme. Here we tell you about how one such game fared when we took a spin of its truck basis themed reels.

Highway Kings Slot Game

What’s it all about?

This Highway Kings slot game takes on a rather uncommon start to its reels. Here you’ll see that there are only 9 pay lines across 5 reels; the images do differ extent in this game, with some paying out for between 1 and 5 appearances and some only paying out between 3 and 5 appearances (as of this uncommon start we’d suggest checking out the pay table before taking it for a spin).

The biggest value image that you’ll want to be aiming for is the Red Truck; this has 10000x, 500x, 50x, 10x and 2x multipliers joined to it for the spinning of 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 occurrence respectively. Besides, here the bet ranges from £0.01 per pay line up to £5 per pay line (this then means that the max bet per spin is £45 (this isn’t going to please the more high poles players out there, we realize).

The Scatter Image in this game is the Exhaust Image, this image pays in any location, regardless of whether it’s in a winning pay line or not. The Wild Image is the Red Truck, which means that it can displace for all other images to help you make up winning sequences on your pay lines.

How does it look?

We loved the look of this game… super easy, shiny and bright. The design takes on a cartoon style approach, with the pay line buttons at either end of the reels framing them nicely.

My Summary

This Highway Kings slot game definitely has a place in the world, but without extra bonus rounds and a higher bet range it won’t be making the favorite lists of high poles or fast players.

The Highway Kings slot game does however provide one thing that many other slots fall down on, and that is its pure, constant game play. Here you need only focus on what can be pretty lucrative sequences; it very much reminds us of the more original slot games which were without the millions of bonus round we frequently see nowadays.

All in all, this game does provide amusement all be it in a less frantic way.