Our Blackjack’s Strategies
[ 23-10-2017 ]

Our Blackjack’s Strategies

GDbet 333 would like to share Blackjack’s Strategy

When a lot of players just started to learn how to play twenty-one games and cannot understand the real purpose of the casino game. Many players think that the purpose of the Blackjack game is to get the closest and not more than 21 points, in fact, this is only part of the rules, your real purpose is to defeat the dealer, only when the point closer to 21, the greater the chance to defeat the dealer. But in fact, you use 14 points to defeat the banker and use the 21 points to defeat the banker to win the amount is the same.

For example, after you and the dealer receive the card, you can decide how to play the game. You have a lot of options, including the often used "bid" and "not called" two. "Bid" means to call a card, and "do not call" means to keep the hands of the existing card, hoping to beat the hands of the hands of the dealer.

Other options include "split" and "double call". If the value of the two cards in your hand is as large as you can, you can divide them equally. This means that you take each card and make it into the hands of two new players. For example, you want to split your hands in the two 8, because the two 8 after the sum can only get 16, (this point is not very advantageous), and they are assigned to two players, each with 8 It was a very smart choice to start. Through this method, you have two opportunities to get 18. When you separate them, you will be asked to add another bet to your new player.If you have divided into two 8s, the dealer will divide your card into two different players and send a second card to your first player, and the dealer will urge you to make a decision for the player. Has been doing this until the player flashed the spark or was asked to stop the bid. The dealer will then play with your second player, send him a second card, and ask for your advice again.

In addition to the above-mentioned options, you can double the bid. After you get the first two cards, you can choose to double your bet if you have 9, 10, or 11 in your hand. The reason for this is that you believe that after getting a card, the number of points in your hands will be very advantageous. The problem is that even if you have a 10 in the hands and then get a 2, you only get a card, and can only play with 12 opponents. Choosing doubles is more applicable in the following situations: When the first two cards in your hand are added together after 10 or 11, if the next card has a value of 10, then you can want to get a 20 or 21. When deciding whether to double the bid, pay attention to the dealer's first card. If the dealer is out of his rapping card (the first card is 4,5 or 6, indicating that they are likely to have 14, 15 or 16, there may be burst), this time you choose to double the call is a wise choice.

 The rules for the banker are very simple. If the number of cards in the hands of the dealer is 16 or less, they must call another card. If the dealer's hand is 17 or more, you cannot call again. We recommend that you read the rules of the game before the game, once you are familiar with the rules of the game, 21 points can be said to be very simple. The rules of the game are not fixed, in fact, the game in each game will change with a small part of the variable.

Need to figure out that every 21 players only compete with his dealer, not the other players. As a player, your purpose is to beat your opponent by making a bid so that the number of points reaches 21 and not more than 21. It is much easier to learn through the network than in real casinos. Playing in a real casino, in addition to the pressure from the surrounding players and the dealer itself, it is also easy to have herself blindly cause your blind betting. This is what every player should try to avoid. You can first free online casino games free to play much of the amount can go to the real game site, once you think it is ready to be in the real game site with real money to play. The rules of online rules are the same as those in live casinos, and as mentioned earlier, they can vary from game to game. The game on the Internet is very simple, just click the mouse on it, because the software will not let you make any substantive mistakes, so very easy to learn. Register here to make money!